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A Lifestyle Training Centre
—In Development

Gilead Academy is a non-registered charity committed to wholistic education. For thirty years, as the Gilead Publishing Association, it furnished moral, spiritual and practical lifestyle guidance intended to fill lives with the richness of outgoing concern. Reorganizing to further meet this goal, Gilead Academy is developing curriculum and repurposing infrastructure as a training centre. Plans are currently under way to offer compacted learning sessions, online courses, and eventually, classroom learning.



Rural Gem
—A Classroom Without Walls

Nestled amidst the wilderness beauty of Ontario Canada’s Near North, the Gilead Academy campus—a classroom without walls--is ideally situated to encourage development. The splendor of pristine lakes and abundant wildlife encourage exploration and hands on learning. Although our rural location may suggest seclusion, it provides a backdrop for both lively discussion and careful thought. Obviously, today’s electronic highway enables a cyber commute spanning the world.



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