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Current Opportunities

The Gilead Publishing Association had two primary phases from its inception in 1980, personal growth and music. Gilead Academy adds to these goals and carries on their work, yet during this transition, tutoring, mentoring, personal training, semi-organized sports and activities, and small informal classes still characterize our daily life while the work of developing a systematic curriculum churns along.

Personal Growth
Friends helping friends with math, English, science, history, reading, spelling, and penmanship aids parents traveling with the orchestra. In Bible study and so many other areas, mentoring deepens and broadens our understandings. Personal training on the computer or in the weight room speeds growth and insures greater safety. Organizing a soccer game, a canoe trip, or a line dance group sweetens our social time and enriches our life with essential balance. Informal classes in art, desktop publishing, information technologies, cooking and so many other areas ensure growth and add zest.

Musical programs, and especially the Northern Lights Steel Orchestra, have encouraged self-awareness and development of personal talents. They have also provided opportunities for fellowship and meaningful relationships. This experience has taught patience in working together and the potency of interdependence. What a privilege to share the joy and power of music with others!

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