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Just the Beginning
—Of Our Story

The roots of Gilead Academy grew in the nurishing soil of The Gilead Publishing Association. The Academy, officially recognized by the Ontario government in 2011, rests on a heritage of dedication, resourcefulness and courage spans 30 years. The early 1980's found a diverse but hardy band of lay people bound together by a vision. That ancient calling being "to raise up David's fallen tent,"1 a work first accepted by the early Christian church but suppressed during the Dark Ages. Gilead Academy is dedicated to completing this task that God's house will be eternally a joyful "house of prayer for all people."2 Time alone reveals dependability, trustworthiness and contentment.

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  • 1. Acts 15:15-18 (NCV)
  • 2. Isa. 56:7

Work Bee

Giant Sequoia Tree

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